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Welcome to Pre-School

Hello, we are Pre-School.

The staff who work here are Mrs Deakin, Ms. Matthews, Ms. Clegg, Ms Meggison and Mrs. Mayes.

We enjoy learning through play in our classroom and we like to do lots of hands on activities to extend our learning and understanding. We have our own outdoor area where we spend lots of time exploring the natural environment with our friends.  We particularly enjoy the mini-beast hotel where we like to observe the bugs and creatures inside.

Indoors we make use of our resources to learn through role play, construction and imaginative play. 

Come and pay us a visit and see for yourself! 

A day in the life of Willowpark Pre-School



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 Week 3

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 Week 4

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 Week 5

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 Week 6

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 Week 7

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 Week 8

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 Week 9

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 Week 10

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 Week 11

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 week 12

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 Week 13

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 Week 14

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